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Corporate History

February 1924

Founded by Hisaji Meio in the name of 'Jumaru Shokai' in Asakusa, Tokyo and started to manufacture and sell the flour milling machines by converting the existing machines for farmers into the flour millling machines for chemical industries.
June 1935 Relocated to Nihonbashi, Tokyo.
Chaged name of the Company to 'Tokuju Kosakusho'
October 1947 Resumed the business activities in Otsuka, Tokyo
Started to manufacture and sale of GS type Gyro-shifter
July 1950 Reorganized the company as the business corporation.
October 1960 Opened the new facory in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Pref.
March 1970 Awarded a commendation as one of the blue-chip companies by the mayor of Hiratsuka city.
November 1971 Awarded a commendation as one of the model factories of small-and- medium sized company by the mayor of Hiratsuka city.
November 1993 Built new business offices and factory in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Pref.
May 1997 Registered Hiratsuka offices as the corporate head quarter.
June 1999 Awarded ISO9001 certification
October 2002 Launched the sales of high speed preceise and fine powder blending machine named 'Julia Mixer' JM series
February 2004 Launched the sales of strong vibration separator 'G-up' TMG series for the milling industries
June 2006 Established a new quality management system TQS in place of ISO9001
Nobember 2009 Acquired Ordinary Construction Business License
May 2011 Launched the sale of new vessel rotation type blender 'Mugen mixer' MM series
September 2012 Completion of construction of the new factory
May 2013 Established TOKUJU KOREA Co., Ltd. and started the businesses in Korea