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Dryers & Coolers

Versatile applications of dryers and coolers
● Preliminary drying: Before going into the full drying.
● Preservation: Protect the materials from corruption by the residual moistures
and remove the residual solvents.
● Finish drying: Prevent the products from the damages caused by vapors after
wrapping and maintain the standard quality of the products.

Tokuju offer the vibration fluidized-bed dryer and gyro-dryer, which can be effectively used for drying from fine powders to granular materials, the high speed fluidized dryer for quick drying of high humid products and fine powders and the vacuum rotation dryer for soft drying to prevent the materials from damages by the low temperature drying. All these dryers are designed to easy for operation and cleaning and also with the high standard of safety.

Vibro-Fluidized Bed Dryer

This fluidized dryer with the supplemental vibration can be effectively used for drying a wide range of materials from fine granules to rough and large size of granules. Drying and cooling can be done on one unit.

Gyro Dryer

The compact and energy saving continuous dryer equipped with the high heat efficient multi-stage tray system. This dryer is space saving, easy for disassembly and cleaning.

High Speed Fluidized Dryer

The continuous hot-air dryer to instantly dry the wet powders dispersed into the hot air with the effects of crushing and blending by the gyrating airflow and choppers. The machine is also used for cooling the materials.

Rotary Vacuum Dryer

The vacuum rotating dryer with a lot of optional functions including the functions of drying the powders to low temperature and low moisture, etc.