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Pneumatic Conveyors

Wide range of applications for the pneumatic conveyor.
● Feeding the materials into the processing equipment and storage tanks = Convey the powders to the vessel rotating blenders, etc.
● Continuous transportation = Transporting the materials to the next process continuously or in continuous batch.
● Low speed transportation = Prevent the materials from separation or breakage during the transportation.
● Closed transportation = Prevent the materials from contamination with the foreign materials during the in-line transportation.
Tokuju offer various types of easy handling, easy cleaning and high security powder transporting equipment including the conveyor systems to feed the materials to blenders, mixers, sifters, tanks or continuous batch transportation system without using the fine-powder collector and the low-speed transportation system specifically designed for high concentrated materials without causing the separation.

HV Pneuma

Equipped with built-in blower and filter. This unit can be used simply connecting with the transport pipe. Easy to move with casters.

Vacuum Conveyor

The intermittent batch type of low/medium suction type of pneumatic conveyor and easy for disassembly and cleaning. Due to built-in filter, no need to equip with any other ancillaries such as cyclone, etc.


The high-density powders fluidized by the pressurized air will be gently conveyed in low speed and prevent the sensitive powders from separation and breakage.