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Valves for Powders

Various applications of the powder handling valves.
● Discharge from the blenders = For the products discharged from the vessel rotating blenders.
● Discharge from the tanks = Products in breaking bulk.
● From lightweight type to sanitary type valves = Used for many applications.
As one of the powder handling equipment, Tokuju offer various types of easy handling, sanitary and high security valves specially for the powders such as butterfly valves to be fitted at the discharge end of mixers, blenders and tanks, the Mucon valves, which is capable to discharge a small and fixed quantity of products from the tanks and so on.

"Mucon" Valve

The compact and low profile throttle valve to control the product flow without jamming and clogging with powder particles. Manually opened and closed.

Butterfly Valve

The sanitary butterfly valve with stainless steel body and disc, which is easy for disassembly and cleaning.