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Grinding Machines & Mills

Wide range of applications for the grinding machines and mills.
● Grinding the materials = Breaking the agglomerated materials.
● Improving the yield = Crushing the agglomerated materials on the screen.
● Particle size regulation after fluidized granulation process = Grinding and
granulating the coarse grains

Wide variety of applications for the milling machine:
● Milling the materials = To adjust the dispersion of granular sizes of the materials.
● Commercialization of the products = To adjust the grain sizes to meet with the product specification.
● Milling to the fine powders = To improve and expand the powder
Tokuju offer various types of easy handling, easy cleaning and high security grinding machines including the grinding machines to eliminate the troubles caused by lumps, the ones effectively grinding and milling without deteriorating the product quality for medium, fine and ultra-fine powders and so on.

Roundel Mill

The agglomerated and solid materials can be milled to the required sizes of granules. Disassembly and cleaning can be done with a basic range of tools.


This milling and granulation machine can be used in-line (during the vacuum air transportation), which will be useful to make the system enclosed and continuous.

Universal Mill

The high-speed rotation impulsive fine powder mill specifically developed for milling the powders in food, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. Particularly for the heat sensitive materials and the oil or high fiber contained materials, the machine can be used for milling the materials in low temperature or frozen by liquid nitrogen, etc.