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Magnetic Separator

The magnetic separator is to eliminate the metals contained in the powders and used in a wide variety of production processes.
● Discharge from the blender = Easily fitted at the discharge end of blender.
● Discharge from sifter = Eliminate the metals contained in the products at the
discharge end of sifter.
● During the transportation and discharging from the storage tank. = Eliminate the metals in various handlings.
Tokuju offer the round lattice magnetic separator, which can be easily fitted at the discharge end of the blenders and tanks to eliminate the metals. The rectangular lattice magnetic separator will be fitted at the discharge end of the sifters for the finished products. These separators are capable to efficiently eliminate the metals with a strong magnetic attraction. Also handling and cleaning are easy and safe.

Magnetic Separator

With a strong magnetic attraction, the separator is quite effective to eliminate the stainless steel metals in the products and can be easily fitted on the existing powder processing equipment such as blenders and sifters and ideal to use at the final stage of production. Depending on how many stages of magnetic lattice unit are used, more than 90% of metals can be eliminated.