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Mixers & Blenders

Mixing and blending are one of the most fundamental manufacturing technologies and a wide variety of mixers and blenders are available.
● Precise mixing = Product mixing and mixing before granulation.
● Homogenous blending = Blending after pulverization, sieving and granulation.
● Production lot adjustment = After batch blending

Tokuju offer various kinds of high-grade mixers and blenders such as vessel rotating type blenders represented by V type blender and W cone blender. The Julia mixer is suitable for precise mixing of the high condensable materials. TCV model vessel removable rotating blender will be the best for the investigational drags, laboratories and small lot productions. “Mugen” is the new type of slant cone vessel rotating blender. All these mixers and blenders retain the superior features on the operational performances, easy-for-cleaning and safeties.


By making the cones of the vessel beveled, the materials are given a strong convection flow and shearing forces. Also maximum 70% of the materials can be loaded in the vessel, which results in homogenous blending to the products. A compact design of the “Mugen” is also good for saving the floor space.

V type Blender / TCV type Blender

The entire powders fed in the rotating vessel move in convective motions to get a quick and homogenous blending. These blenders are the most suitable to the products, for which the most severe quality controls are required such as pharmaceuticals, powder metallurgies, electronics materials, etc.

CV type Mixer

The V shaped mixer equipped with the high-speed rotation chopper inside the vessel. As the chopper rotation is added to the rotation of vessel itself, this is the optimum choice for mixing the small amount of ingredients and milling and mixing the agglomerated powders.

W type Blender / TCW type Blender

The blending vessel consists of two cones and one short ring in between. By rotating the vessel, powder dispersion will be accelerated and effectively blended. Compared with the V type blender with the same processing capacity, this type of blender requires less headroom and total rotating height can be lower.

Julia Mixer

With the screw fins and chopper, Julia mixer is effectively used for dispersion mixing of the high condensable powders and addition of the oil, without forming the powder lumps, in a short time. It brings out the excellent performances for homogenous dispersion mixing, humidification, drying and cooling.

Ribbon Mixer

Rotating double ribbon type of fins fitted inside of the vessel mix the materials. The outer fins move the materials toward the center direction and the inner fins move them to the outer direction, which causes the convective flow and shearing to the products repeatedly and dispersions are accelerated.